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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a valved bag?
A. A valved bag is a self-closing bag. The valve closes when the product is pressed against the inside of the valve after it is filled. The bag is then placed on a conveyor or stacked on a pallet.

Q. Are there different types of valve bags?
A. Types of valve bags include R-valve, CleanFillâ„¢, satchel-style, poly, woven polypropylene and paper valve bags.

Q. What type of valve bag should I use for best performance?
A. Economics, as well as the end-use, most often dictates the style of the bag used.

Q. What are the performance differences between paper and plastic valve bags?
A. Plastic valve bags take up less storage volume (3:1) than paper valve bags and offer more resistance to outdoor elements such as rain and snow.

Q. What type of valve packer machines are there?
A. There are various types of valve packer machines, including air packer, auger, gravity filler and impeller machines.

Q. Which is the best valve packer for my product?
A. It depends on the packing density and production needed, as well as the customer’s preference.

Q. How do I determine the proper valve bag size?
A. Determining the proper bag size is critical to making the bag perform properly. We will assist you with the proper bag sizing. It is helpful if you can provide us with the bulk density of your product, the weight of the material being bagged, pallet size and stacking pattern in order to determine the proper size bag to use.

Q. Can I use valve bags to ship hazardous products?
A. Shipping hazardous products depend upon the rules made by the DOT and Hazmat. Rulebooks and advice can be obtained from both sources. We will also assist you with determining if these items can be shipped.

Q. How do I determine the gauge or strength of the bag I need?
A. Shipping rules are established by the DOT and the Freight Association and are listed by product for shipping quantity. These are a requirement for insurance. We can also assist you in this area to ensure all guidelines are met.