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Valve Bags for Chemicals

Infinity Provides Valve Bags, Printed Form Fill & Seal Film and Open Top Heat Seal Bags for the Following Industries::

  • Chemicals
  • Fertilizer

Our Valve Bags Are Utilized for the Following Products:

  • Olefin Resins
  • Agrochemical
  • Dry Chemicals
  • Road Marking
  • Adhesives

Our Valve Bags for Chemicals and Fertilizer Are Well Suited For:

  • Air Packers
  • Auger Valve Bag Fillers
  • Impeller Valve Bag Fillers
  • Gravity Valve Bag Fillers
  • Form Fill and Seal equipment (Hamer, Premier Tech...)

Infinity Valve Bags are counted on by those in the chemical industry for protection of chemicals from loss or degradation of the contents. Our valve bags feature durable construction that is ideal for high-speed, automated filling and seamless palletization. Valve bags are trusted for the containment and transport of dry chemicals and offer a dependable and user-friendly packaging for the end-user.

Infinity Valve Bags offer high strength, excellent moisture protection and dimensional stability. Our valve bags for chemicals are designed to eliminate leakage without the need to sew or seal the bags. Many of our bags are used in batch inclusion applications that require the bag to melt and become part of the product. These batch inclusion products are available with a melt temperature down to 100° C. For rough handling applications, we offer our R-Type bag which has been approved with the UN Transportation Certification for transport of hazardous goods.

Once filled, the "valve" sleeve of the bag functions as a check valve to prevent the chemicals from escaping. Infinity can custom brand bags with up to eight-color printing for retail environments. You can depend on Infinity Bags and Film for process flexibility, transport, storage and handling.




Open Top Bags (OTB)