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Poly Bags

Since 2004, Infinity Packaging & Films has provided premium, durable and affordable poly bags to the chemical and aggregate industries. With over two decades of experience, we understand the importance of a strong, space-conscious poly bag that is personalized to companies’ individual needs. Our end product is water resistant and designed for easy stacking and palletizing.

Poly Bag Benefits
  • Three styles of bags available: R-valve, Open Top and CleanFill™
  • Utilize a two-ply and co-extruded film for premium strength and performance
  • Offset perforations to allow for proper venting
  • Stringent drop test performance
  • Personalized with your logo, instructions and bar codes in up to 8 colors
  • UN Certification available
  • Graphic design available
  • Low melt resins, 100 and 108°C, available for batch inclusion applications

Our poly valve bags require no sewing or sealing while our open top poly bags utilize a high strength, easy sealing resin. Our poly bags are ideal packaging solutions for fertilizers, resins, adhesives, powders and more.